Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Two days in.


Well, when I first looked at the menu plan - I thought I am not gonna like a lot of this but so far, I'm impressed.  I made a little change with the pizza - it became tomato paste based, spinach and two slices of Lite Jalzberg cheese but still with the same calorie value. YUM. 

Already a hiccup occured in the training schedule.  I had planned to do Balance at 10.30am but my son had to attend a last minute scheduled OT appointment around the same time, but never fear - I got to a PUMP class at 6.30 tonight.

I have been cooking up a storm early this morning, preparing and freezing dinners for Wednesday and Friday because I will be working the next three days and I know if I am not prepared all will fall apart. My next challenge is to get up early (5.30AM AGGH) tomorrow to get to an RPM class.

I just finished watching Michelle's Live video (not live, though).  It was great!  I think she is full of knowledge and so motovating, so thanks Mish. 

Good luck to all my Round 3 team mates out there......till next time,

Saturday, September 18, 2010

12WBT Kicks off Monday 20th September

Wow.  The past four weeks have flown by with the 12WBT kicking off on Monday.  Tomorrow morning I will be doing my final pre season task.  Measure up and take my before shots.

Why am I doing this?  Well thats easy.  I want to be the best version of myself that I can be.  I am not obese, I am just an average, plain Jane.  I am in my healthy weight range and some people would tell me I don't need to loose weight.  Funny, though cause I am actually the heaviest I have been for a while.  My goal is not that big but for the past 12 months I haven't been able to budge a kilo.  I am happiest with myself when I sit at around 54kilos, that means I only have about  5kilos to get rid of.  Should be easy, right?  Well I haven't been able to do it myself so Michelle Bridges is going to give me a bit of a kick up the old backside and teach me a thing or two about nutrition and exercise. 

So far, the best bit of advice was in Pre Season task 1 - 'you wouldn't go out the door without cleaning your teeth, would you?'  so basically we need to think of exercise as a part of our daily grooming.  Well thats how I need to think about food too.

Anyway - I'll report on my measurments tomorrow.